Collaborative Mobile based on autonomous driving using artificial intelligence image processing technology
Integrated service for large supermarket
product inventory and shelf management

AI Control's autonomous mobile and robot arm met.

KAIROS is an integrated system that manages the shelves of marts 

using image recognition, artificial intelligence, and robot arm control technology.

Three robots move in unison, scanning the shelves, putting the necessary items into the cart and displaying the goods, organizing the shelves and maintaining inventory.

Mobile Robot Arm

A mobile robot arm the puts necessary products into a cart 

and arranges them on a shelf

Scanning Robot

A scanning robot that walks around the mart 

and scans the shelves to find empty products.

Cart Robot

A cart robot that autonomously moves to the place 

where work is required when all the products 

that need to be displayed are loaded.


대표자 : 박준형

본사 : 대전광역시 대덕구 대화로 120, 가온비즈타워 1008호

연구소 : 대전광역시 대덕구 대화로 106번길 22, 펜타플렉스 517호 

aicon@aicontrol.ai    02-6952-3451

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