AI Control continues to take on challenges so that anyone can freely enjoy
and utilize various technologies that make our life convenient.

There seems to be no greater motivation than helping someone.

We will become AiCON that constantly seeks where our technology is needed and finds answers in a creative way so that we can continue to discover 'happiness' in our lives by sharing our talents with others.

i-COBOT : An educational coding robot that can code and run your own system using various sensors so that everyone can learn coding and robots in an easy and fun way

Co-Book : An educational coding block book that you can learn the concept and structure of coding without a PC or tablet

Smart Device
EA Series (Everything is Available) : An assistive device series that enables anyone to freely use various IT devices and services
EA-1, a headset-type mouse using head instead of hands
EA-2, a joystick-type mouse which enables precise works

EA-3, an all-purpose mouse that suits for professional tasks at work

We hope that our ceaseless efforts and passion will make the world a little more warmer and more beautiful, 

and we will take a step forward everyday.

Junehyung Park, CEO of AI Control Ltd

Core Value

We build the future.
We make our vision.
We change the world.
We believe design comes first for human.

Aim To

A leisurely life, a fun life, a happy life

A company where you can do valuable work and enjoy
A company that helps others and has a good influence on our society with people who think together for each other and give strength

We believe that every one of each happy person is the seed of hope that can make this world warmer, and we will create a company that can bear many fruits.



Make it start!

April     AI Control Ltd established

June     Selected by the National Information Society Agency 
              for development of 'Information and communication auxiliary equipment'

              - Developed wireless inertial sensor head mouse and breathing switch

              Selected by the Korea Innovation Foundation for SPACE-S move-in

July     Korea Aerospace Research Institute, 
            Participation in large-scale projects (7 years) 6 detailed participating company

            - Unmanned mobile vehicle source technology development project (Drone Flight Control)

           Selected as 'in-house venture fostering program' 
           by Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development

           - Block coding board & robot

           Selected as a family company by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

September     Established an affiliated research institute (Magok, Seoul)

                       Quadruped robot development service agreement with Keimyung University

                       Selected for technology support project by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute 

                       - Quadruped robot field


October   Venture Company Certification


Let us play!

March    Developed battery monitoring and life prediction system 

May    Korea National Information Society Agency,

           Selected for 'Development of Assistive Devices for Information Communication' 

           - Development of a lip mouse for physical disabilities

           Selected for Daejeon Techno Park 'Start-up Foundation Support Project' 

           Selected for Daejeon Techno Park 'Future ICT Convergence Device Industry Fostering Project'

June    Selected for National Rehabilitation Center development assignment

             - Research on technological advancement of respiratory rehabilitation devices 

August    Relocaton of the affiliated research center (Gasan Digital Complex, Seoul)

September   Selected for a stepping stone development (Development of drone docking station)


Skill Up!

May    Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute,

           Selected for 'Lunar exploration robot development' 

June    Selected for IP Narae 

August    Patent registration 

                 'Block Coding Device and Block Coding Method using Block Coding Device'

October   Participated in ROBOTWORLD2022 

December   Awarded Customer Satisfaction & Innovation Management Brand Award 

                    (Intelligent Robot Division)

Our Team



Junehyung Park

R&D Team

Yejin Choi


Yeonggeol Bae

Future Strategy Team

Jaenam Ha

R&D Team

Hyunwoo Kim

Our Partners


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연구소 : 대전광역시 대덕구 대화로 106번길 22, 펜타플렉스 517호    02-6952-3451

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                                                                 Coding Heroes                  EA-2                                             Autonomous Driving Mobile Platform 

                                                                 CAMP-1                            EA-3

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